Frama Candle Snuffer

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  • kr550.00

A candle snuffer is a charming objet nostalgique, a simple but romantic tool that evokes an age when the warm glow of candlelight nightly filled the world’s homes, offices, and shops. The new St. Pauls Apothecary Candle Snuffer is a practical, modern interpretation of the classic tool, designed for use in the 21st century home. Made from delicate but durable stainless steel, the look and feel of the Candle Snuffer will evolve with time, as it develops a graceful patina with use and age.

Product Details

– Will patina gracefully over time
Works well with the Scented Candles by Frama >

Materials / Dimensions
– Brushed stainless steel
– L 18,5 cm

– Frama Studio, 2020