Hinoki Cypress Bath Bucket

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  • kr840.00

Hinoki Cypress Bath Bucket. This traditional bath bowl is used to pour water on oneself and can be found in Onsen hot springs all around Japan. Its classic wooden design with copper rings dates back to the Edo period and was originally used to serve boiled tofu because of its heat and water resistant qualities. Hinoki is a native species of trees and can only be grown in Japan. Often referred to as Japanese cedar, the wood has an organic lemon-scented aroma. Naturally resistant to mold, the wood is suitable for wet environments such as the bathroom at home or the sauna.

Material: Hinoki Cypress

Instruction for Care: Hand-wash only and do not leave to soak. Hinoki wood products are subject to expansion and contraction with the filling and emptying of water. Store in a location where the temperature is not too variable.