Nikari Basic Table

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design Jenni Roininen

Elegant and modifiable Basic table can be placed both in restaurants, homes and meeting rooms. This light table is delivered in a flat pack, and it is very easy to assemble.

Basic table is available in solid ash or oak, either in oval or rectangular shape. One can also combine the shapes by using tables with one oval and one rectangular end: this way it is possible to build a long banquet table, which is then again very easy to separate back into smaller units. By adding rectangular tables in between the oval end versions it is possible to build extremely long entities.


Lenght 200 cm depht 80 cm height 73 cm

Lenght 260 cm depht 90 cm height 73 cm

Lenght 300 cm depht 100 cm height 73 cm


Solid Ash

Solid Oak