Origin made / Charred Vases

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Charred vases from Origin made

Designed by Gabriel Tan

Made by João Lourenço

The Charred Vases are five unique forms made in the dying Portuguese art of Barro Preto. Buried and fired in an underground pit called a Soenga, this process of smothering the ceramic removes oxygen and results in a non-homogenous texture of black, grey and earth tones. A vanishing tradition – there are few artisans left who have the knowledge to produce objects in Barro Preto. Together with João Lourenço, Gabriel Tan wishes to rekindle this heritage.

left to right, second image:

Charred Vase Cup - 135x100x130mm

Charred Vase Cone - 170x170x225mm

Charred Vase Sphere - 300x300x125

Charred Vase Chimney - 230x230x300

Charred Vase Dome - 155x140x160