Que Onda Vos - Bat´z

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  • kr3,850.00

Bat’z is the first of the 20 signs of the Mayan calendar. B’atz ‘is the thread. The thread of time. The thread of destiny. History is woven over time.

A small area rug woven by hand on a traditional foot-loom from 100% hand-spun sheep wool.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool (from local sheep)

Colours: off white, natural colours of wool

Weaving technique: foot-loom / flat weave

Size: 85cm width x 140cm length

NOTE:Because all products are entirely made by hand, there will always be a slight difference in color and dimension.

All of Que Onda Vos rugs are designed in Belgium by Hanne de Wyngaert and then spun, dyed, and handwoven by Mayan weavers in Guatemala. The Company strive to provide economic opportunity and celebrate indigenous tradition to create beautiful and functional products.

Image no 2 by @Graanmarkt13