Frama Shelf Library White Oak H1148 | Hanger Section

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  • kr9,570.00

Shelf Library is a continuation of the recognised shelf design by Frama. Fastened with solid steel screws on oak rails, the shelves can easily be placed and re-styled in a variety of ways. Our new wardrobe section is the perfect addition to any bedroom, hallway or living space. The easy to mount wardrobe hanger can be used to for storing and displaying garments, kitchen appliances and much more.

Each shelf can hold 25 kg (depending on wall material and mounting)

Section includes: 2 x Rails H 114,8 cm, 2 x Shelves D 40, W 80 cm, 1 x Hanger

Materials: White oiled oak, Stainless Steel Brackets

Delivery: Estimated delivery time 4 - 8 weeks. For special request send us an email or visit our store.

Design Kim Richardt, 2016