Karin Carlander Textile no. 4 Tea Towel

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  • kr230.00

Textile no. 4 tea towel from Karin Carlander. Linen is ideal for tea towels. Pure linen is highly absorbent, dries quickly after use and only gets better with use. It polishes glasses gently to become as clear as crystal. The woven structure of the designs is intended to give the linen ideal conditions to perform.

Dimension: W 50 cm, L 70 cm

Material: 100% European linen spun from flax naturally grown in France.

Color: Black/Wheat (mainly black), Wheat / Wheat (mainly wheat) and Sienna

Care: Linen is a natural material that changes structure when washed and with use. We see this as a part of the beauty of the material. Be aware that excess fibers may occur during the first few washings.