Tekla Classic Bathrobe - Carmel

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  • kr1,945.00

Unisex bathrobe. Extra-long and oversized in fit. Made in Portugal. 100% Organic.

All Tekla Bathrobes are unisex and for everyone to wear.

The Classic Bathrobe is designed in a slightly loose fit. This means that if your usual size is medium, a medium will fit you, but feel loose and comfy.

Choosing one size smaller than your regular size can also work and will provide a more regular fit.


Small / Chest 58 cm / length 130 cm / sleeve 60 cm

Medium / Chest 60 cm / length 135 cm / sleeve 62 cm

Large / Chest 62 cm / length 140 cm / sleeve 64 cm

Orgin: Made in Portugal

Care information:

  • Wash at low temperatures to protect the environment.
  • Tumble dry on low heat with dryer balls.
  • Use natural detergent for long last and a great feel
  • If a loop snags, please cut with scissors.
  • Don’t dry on too high temperatures - Choose low heat.
  • Avoid using softener and bleachers.
  • Don’t wash with harsh clothes and zippers.
  • Please don’t pull snagged loops.