CLEAR BLUE — A visual story by artist Agathe Berjaut

CLEAR BLUE — A visual story by artist Agathe Berjaut

Captured in Sóller, Mallorca
Kollekted by x Tekla
Part one of three

To highlight our top Tekla colors for spring, we've teamed up with Agathe Berjaut, a talented artist and fashion designer based in Oslo, originally from France. Agathe's artistic language involves drawing techniques, capturing life's nuances and visual inspirations. Through her compelling visual stories, she shares daily influences using methods like analog photography, handwritten notes, and sequences of drawings.

Agathe's art finds its foundation in memories and the elusive essence they hold, mirroring her aspiration to capture the essence of passing time with its rawness and beauty intact. Through her work, she delicately portrays the simplicity and charm of childhood, infusing it with poetic and whimsical elements, rendering the "ordinary" extraordinary.

"I make sensory photographs based on the spontaneous in life, unfolding forceful reminders of inner candid reminiscences".

Continuing the theme of Clear Blue, this series serves as a visual journal captured on 35mm film and manipulated cyanotypes, offering a vibrant portrayal of a family portrait taken during a recent journey to Mallorca. It's a collection conceived as a gentle prompt to lift one's gaze and reflect on its significance, drawing inspiration from the dynamic blues found within Tekla's palette.