Atelier Shelf — Crafted Locally in Sweden by Atelier Mon

Atelier Shelf — Crafted Locally in Sweden by Atelier Mon

This Winter we have introduced a new shelving collection from Atelier Mon at Kollekted By  — named Atelier Shelf. The idea of the Atelier Shelf is a stripped-down storage unit that emphasizes carefully crafted details and an honest design language. With the shelving system, Atelier Mon aims to create storage units with a lightweight structure that present and elevate stored objects in a harmonious and elegant ways. The Atelier Shelf is constructed from solid oak wood, easily assembled by hand using oak wedges.

Process images from Atelier Mon:

The Swedish duo, Atelier Mon, is based in Enskede, just outside Stockholm, where they produce their shelf collection locally. The studio founders, designer Mikaela Falk and carpenter Wilhelm Broman, have a versatile and closely collaborative process — manufacturing, designing, and distributing their own products.

The Atelier Shelf’s is available in three sizes through our website (width x height) :

40 x 72 cm
80 x 45 cm
60 x 126 cm

For other dimensions contact us directly — the Atelier Shelf’s is available in a variety of sizes.


 Photography by Magnus Nordstrand.