Miguel Milá  — Looking Back at Design Icons for Santa & Cole

Miguel Milá — Looking Back at Design Icons for Santa & Cole

Excite with simplicity” — Kollekted By proudly presents an installation curated and designed by Santa & Cole, showcasing selected works by the esteemed artisan and industrialist, Miguel Milá. Born in 1931 in Barcelona, Milá's influence spans generations, shaping the landscape of contemporary design with his innovative approach and dedication to blending functionality with artistic expression. From February 22 to March 16, 2024, we invite you to immerse yourself in the essence of Miguel Milá's work for Santa Cole, alongside other significant highlights from his portfolio and contributions by creatives in his surroundings.

For a quick and informative introduction of Miguel Milá, look at this brilliant video: 

Guess Who? A Life in Design - Miguel Milá  

Under Milá’s guiding principle “Excite with simplicity”, Santa & Cole have selected a range of the design maestro’s products, including the TMM floor lamp from Santa & Cole, the Salvador chair from Trenat, and the MMS table from Mobles 114.

Featured within the installation is also the publication “Miguel Milá: Emocionar con lo simple” from Santa & Cole’s recently introduced book collection - Perdigones, authorised reproductions from Neoseries by Claudia Valsells and Correa & Milá adorning the walls and “Miguel Milá: A Life in Design” a book published by Apartamento. 


Photography by Magnus Nordstrand.